What’s coming for 2019

What’s Coming for 2019

Okay so, don’t get too excited. If you’ve been with me for a while you know that when I say I am working on something it doesn’t necessarily mean it will ever see the light of day. I’ve got a list about as long as myself that is full of products I am “working on”.

With that said, here’s some of the things I would like to get made this year:

  1. Bonbon bath bombs. I know, I know, I’ve been working on these for about 2 years now. Good news is I finally have a bioglitter blend I can use so I just have to make the actual things now.
  2. Duets & Trios. Okay, so I like the name duets but I don’t like Trios. I was also thinking maybe Double Trouble and Triple Threat for these because it sounds a little better. Anyway, these are some bath bomb sets that are made to be used in the bath together. Basically just fun colour combinations to make pretty bath art. I might even throw in a little shimmer.
  3. Bath with Bundy. So I have wanted to make a MFM, murderino style range for a while now and this one might be the first. I’m going to try and make ted bundy’s vw bug. Should be fun. You’ve seen the cars before in one of my old WIP posts. It’s a cute little mold that should, hopefully, work well.
  4. Caterpillar. Argh another one that’s been years in the making. I swear to god if I don’t get this bastard made this year I’m not even going to bother.
  5. Liquid Metal – I have some more shimmer stuff to make a white version of the liquid metal line. Should be nice and ghostly looking. I also wanna get some other colours made for this line.
  6. Avokawaiidos. Yet another that has been in the works for a while for my kawaii line. Unfortunately I am in struggle-town when it comes to getting this to look how I want it to. I am thinking I may need to have some molds made up but there aren’t many places that will do custom jobs anymore as we all know that as soon as you make something new, everyone else wants to make it. I am going to have to see if I can MacGyver something up here that will work.
  7. Werflebermb revamp. You may have noticed that I haven’t restocked the bog-standard wafflebombs for a long time. That’s because I have plans for a new werflebermb that’s not so standard. It will probably end up being part of the kawaii line but I’m not 100% sure yet. I just wanted to move away from the waffle bombs that everyone makes and give them a bit of a twist. I’m all about the twists. I’m just waiting on a mold to get here then these will be made.
  8. Speaking of molds, I’m also waiting on a fortune cookie mold, which is something i’ve wanted to make since I started making bath bombs. Soon as the mold gets here I’ll be making these. They will have ridiculous fortunes inside them because I’m ridiculous.
  9. Clouds. I have a couple of ideas for some more cloud bombs. I just have to sort them one. One requires permission from an artist, so I need to wait and see if it’s okay before I go ahead. Fingers crossed.
  10. Brocarbonate of Soda. Okay I have no idea what this would even be but it makes me laugh so I have to make it one day.
  11. The shark, panda and balloon bombs I was working on last year will still be coming at some stage.

Okay so that’s the boringly long list of crap that I have running around my head. Some of them I’ve already started work on, others not so much but I hope to get them done or at least started this year. I’m pretty sure I forgot about fifty but, whatevs.

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