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concentrated raspbeetle poop – potion master refill



we have an amazing troop of raspbeetles that have been trained to poop around the clock. their poop goes down a chute into a high tech dehydration concentration machine. the end result is a dehydrated poop which is very easy to crush into a powder for packaging.

100% cruelty free, made only from free-range happy raspbeetles. absolutely no creatures are harmed in the creation of these potion refills. we pay our goblins above award wage rates.

#trufax*: it takes about 24000 raspbeetles pooping every two hours of every day for four days to fill one tub of concentrated raspbeetle poop refill. their poops are tiny and smell just like raspberries!

this product is made as a refill for our Potion Master bath flask. if you don’t have a bath flask, don’t worry! you can still sprinkle the powder into the tub or use a plastic bowl to mix your potions until you can get your hands on your own flask. 

net weight: 70g


sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, decyl glucoside, potassium bitartrate, fragrance, fd&c blue 1, d&c red 28


fill your bath flask with at least half your potion master refill powder. add water to the flask and watch your spell come alive! remember you can mix and match our potion master ingredients to come up with your own amazing bath concoctions.


this product contains oils which may make your bath tub slippery. if any irritation occurs, rinse immediately with clean water and discontinue use. not suitable for children under 36mths unless under strict adult supervision. for external use only.


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