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booty barista – cappuccino



our booty barista coffee scrubs will exfoliate and soften your skin, leaving you feeling & smelling amazing. side effects may include the constant desire to caress or sniff oneself. you may also find yourself craving a cuppa.

cappuccino contains an exfoliating blend of fresh robusta beans, sugar, kaolin clay and sea salt. we’ve also chosen coconut, rice bran and vitamin e oils to moisturise the skin. cappuccino is topped off with a layer of creamy white sugar scrub on top, just like cappuccino foam! we’ve included a dash of marshmallow fragrance oil to leave your skin smelling delightfully sweet.

don’t forget to refer to our booty grind rating: the more beans, the harder the grind. if you have sensitive skin and prefer a low exfoliating scrub, try one of our booty barista range with a lower booty grind bean rating. if you like to grind hard go for one with a higher bean rating. easy!

cappuccino has a 2 bean booty grind rating. great for those of you who are more delicate.


your 200g of scrub will be packed in a biodegradable cellophane bag inside the paper cup. biodegradable cellophane bags are made of cellulose which means you can dispose of it by cleaning it out, composting it or burying it in your garden.
most recycling facilities should recycle PE coated papers but if you are unsure check with your local facility.


coffea robusta, sucrose (sugar), sodium chloride (salt), kaolin, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, oryza sativa (rice) bran oil, fragrance, tocopherol, benzyl alcohol


massage into damp skin. leave for a few minutes – allowing the ingredients to soak in and be all beneficial-like. rinse off. pat dry.


patch test first. avoid contact with the eyes. if irritation occurs rinse and discontinue use. not to be eaten.


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