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I haven’t had any issues with staining. I’ve tested my bath blitzers and have left the resulting coloured water in my tub for several hours before emptying to see if the bath would end up stained or marked if the water is allowed to sit for extended periods of time. My bath tub was fine each time and it’s a pretty old tub.
My son likes to place his bath blitzers on the side of the tub and play with them. Sometimes they will be sitting on the edge for 24hrs before I rinse them off and I still haven’t had any issues – though I wouldn’t recommend doing this.
That being said, I can’t account for every single bath tub out there. Bath tubs that are badly scratched or old may be more likely to soak up the dyes in my bath bombs and therefore may end up marked or stained. You know your bath tub best, if you are concerned about your tub – whether it be old or brand-spanking new, stick with my less vibrant bath blitzers.  I am not liable for any marks or stains that do happen to occur.


Generally speaking, no. If you place your bath blitzer in the tub as directed, you shouldn’t experience any skin colouration. If you purchase a cookie cutter bath blitzer with very concentrated colour embeds and you hold it while it fizzes away, the dye in the embeds may colour your skin. My son likes to play with his bath blitzers in the bath and has, on the odd occasion, ended up colouring his hands or belly. The effect, however, is only temporary. We don’t recommend you sit in the tub with your bright bath blitzers while they react unless you are happy to deal with the potential skin discolouration should it occur.


If you are using a round bath blitzer, simply toss it into the tub and watch it do it’s thing. If it’s a bubble blitzer, you can half-fill the tub, pop it in and watch it perform then turn the water on to fill the tub. The water agitation will give you some bubbles. (Bubble Blitzers are ones that contain surfactants such as SLSa).

If you are using one of my flat Cookie Cutter Bath Blitzers, the best way to put them in for a visual show is to fill the bath half way or full, wait for it to be still, then lower the bath bomb into the water gently so as not to splash water on the top. If you’ve filled the bath halfway, once it’s finished dancing about you can top the bath up and get a little bubble action.

Body Bonbon doesn’t recommend sitting in the tub with your bright bath blitzers while the dyes are blooming in the water or you may find you exit the tub a little more colourful than you were when you entered. 😉


Oh nice choice! Our Bathtime Bakery products make bath time simply irresistible. To use your products that contain Bubblecream Icing, simply break the bath bomb portion apart from the Bubblecream Icing portion. If it’s a cake style bath bomb with icing on top, simply snap the icing off the top. If it’s a bombolone style bath bomb with the icing on the top and in the middle, just break it apart.

You can then break a chunk of icing off the portion, hold it under the running water as you fill the bath and it will create masses of bubbles and perhaps even scent and colour the water. As for the bath bomb portion, use that as you would use any other bath bomb, just toss it in the tub.
The great thing about these products is they are good for a few baths. You can keep part of your product aside, and dry, and save it for another bath time.


Bubble Roulade slices are oh so fun. These are simply a solid bubble bath product made from our very own Bubblecream Batter recipe. All you have to do is break off a small chunk of Bubble Roulade and crush it up under the running water as the bath fills. Bubbles will instantly appear. The more you use, the more bubbles you will get but keep in mind that as your bath fills more bubbles will be created and too much of any surfactant based product can be drying to the skin. We find that using about 10g of our Bubblecream Batter is enough for a single bath, this product goes really far!


Simply take a small portion or ball of the dough with you into the tub. If you are in the tub while it’s filling, you can hold the dough under the running water to product bubbles. You can then mold it and squish it to create whatever you like while you bathe. You can even wash yourself with the dough. The most important thing, however, is to have fun while you are getting clean.

Parents should supervise children whilst in the bath and using my products.
I don’t recommend Bubble ‘n’ Squish for ages 3 and below due to the potential choking hazard.


Bath Blitzers: All of my bath blitzers contain Citric Acid. It’s perfectly safe – a lot of you probably have some in your pantry. However, it can sting open cuts or abrasions. If your children enjoy picking up the bath bombs and playing with them while they fizz, please be sure they have no cuts on their hands. If stinging occurs, rinse off with clean water.

Unless otherwise stated, all of my bath bombs also contain a variety of butters and oils and as such can make surfaces slippery. Exercise caution when entering and exciting the tub to avoid slipping and always supervise children in the bath.

Allergies: My products are created in a space where they may come into contact with nut oils and other exotic oils, butters and products considered allergens. While I take care to avoid cross contamination, please bear it in mind if you do suffer from allergies – even when purchasing items that do not contain known allergens.

If you experience any irritation when using my products please wash off with clean water and discontinue use immediately.

Thank you.