On the Workbench

I’m currently working on a few things (well, if I’m gonna be honest I’m working on at least eleventy things at the moment) one of those things happens to be a panda.

I’ve got to test these in the bath to see how they hold up and whether or not they float. Once I’ve done that I will figure out exactly how I want them to look and what I want them to do in the tub. I might make some teddy bears as well. These are quite big, weighing in at over 250g each.

I’m almost finished with Feeding Frenzy. Just doing a final test tonight and then I can make the labels and get them up on the website. Gotta make sure the suckers sink!

I also have a very cool bath blitzer that I think kids will enjoy a lot. I am not going to share teasers for this one just yet as I am keeping it under wraps until it’s released. These were born from an idea I had a while back that I haven’t been able to make just yet. It sucks not having the funds to buy the necessary packaging to make your ideas a reality. One day.

So, back to the Panda…

What the hell should a panda bath blitzer smell like??

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