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I figured I should post something here since I do have a blog section n all and it seems like a waste to let it sit here, stagnating.
We have a few new products in the webstore for you to check out. I’ll introduce you to some of them here because why the hell not? Also because I have no idea what else to talk about.

1. Pixie Poo

Gold Pixie Poo

Pixie Poo is a delightful product I have formulated for everyone who wants to use glitter in all the things but doesn’t want to be a planet murdering bastard while doing so. Seriously, using plastic glitter is like taking tiny little knives and stabbing someone you love over and over and over until they are covered in tiny stab wounds and very slowly bleed out. It’s totally unnecessary and kindy douchebaggy. That’s what you are doing to the planet when you use that micro plastic stuff. I mean, there’s a reason they call it “the little death”, or “la petit mort” for those of you who speak French… ohh, wait, that’s an orgasm. Well, whatever. Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh, right, glitter. Okay so I have gotten my hot little hands on some biodegradable glitter which is ermahzin. It looks just like the real thing only it’s eco friendly and only contains a microscopic amount of aluminium for the sparkle. Up until this point I’ve been using synthetic mica in a lot of my products to give sparkle, which is a fantastic ingredient that I am going to continue to use, but I wanted something slightly bigger with more oomph, so I am really happy about these glitters.

Silver Pixie Poo

Now I know some of you are probably sitting there thinking “but you package half your stuff in plastic containers, what a hypocrite”. I know, I know. That’s out of necessity though. Believe me, I wish I could package everything in eco-friendly containers. I’ve been scouring the net for biodegradable packaging options that will suit all my products but I haven’t been able to find anything yet. At least, not anything that I can actually afford. So, for now, I am stuck using recyclable plastic containers for some of my products. Glitter, on the other hand isn’t exactly a necessity like packaging, so throwing plastic glitter into my bath bombs, scrubs or gels purely for the sparkle-factor would make me feel like a bit of a shithead.

Pixie Poo is a light gel that is absolutely full of biodegradable glitter and mica or synthetic mica. It’s been made so that you can apply it wherever you want on your body and sparkle like crazy. Use it for music festivals, clubbing, or just because you feel like you need a little sparkle in your life. At the moment I have silver and gold Pixie Poo but we will be making more colours as we get more biodegradable glitters. Hopefully it won’t take too long but they are expensive so if you want to see blue, red, pink, black and other pretty colours make sure you buy some of my products so I can save up and get more!
You can find Pixie Poo here.

2. Master Stroke & Hairy Like Animal

Master Stroke is a light, moisturising shaving sorbet that smells really refreshing. It has kokum and shea butters in it to moisturise and a blend of essential oils to both calm and refresh the skin. I’ve added peppermint essential oil for a bit of zing. This is perfect for use with a shaving brush, you’ll get a really nice lather, but it can also be used with the hands by just scooping a small amount out, lathering it up and rubbing it over the face. You can find Master Stroke here.

Hairy Like Animal was made a little while ago. It’s a 100% natural beard oil that smells great and will moisturise and leave your beard looking glossy and neat. There’s no reason to have an unkempt beard when there are products like this available. You can also use this on the ends of your hair if they are dry. It won’t weight the hair down too much and the oils are incredibly beneficial for helping to improve the appearance of the hair. You can find Hairy Like Animal here.

3. Unicorn Eggs

Well it’s nearing Easter time so I figured I should make something easterish. I bought some of these cute little easter egg cartons but I didn’t want to make the usual egg bath bombs to put inside them. I’m all about making different, unique products and so I always try to put my own spin on things wherever I can. With that in mind, I decided to make unicorn eggs. I know, right, so original. I was actually going to call these dragon eggs but my son had other ideas. I don’t argue with him when it comes to naming products so unicorn eggs it was. I Macgyver’d up my own mould for these guys and decided to add a little drizzle and biodegradable glitter on top. I think they turned out pretty rad and look forward to making more. There’s only a few of these but you can find them here.

4. There, There, Donut Kawaii

Heh, heh, heh. Yeah I love a good pun… and a bad one. Let’s be honest. These guys were basically made because I was trying to think of funny doughnut puns and came up with “donut cry”. I figured I could slide them right on into my kawaii line and so “there, there, donut kawaii” was born. I knew I wanted something cute but sad so, after trying a few things out, I went with two toned drizzle and some coloured sea salt for sprinkes. I painted on an adorable little sadface and added some embeds to make it look like these guys are crying in the bath. Unfortunately my embed placement is kind of off so some of these look like they are crying so hard it’s spurting out their ears. They smell oh so yummy, scented with violet sugar petals and they will turn your tub a beautiful purple. You can find There, There, Donut Kawaii here.

Upcoming Products

So what’s upcoming you ask? I know you didn’t actually ask that, but let’s just pretend you did for the sake of conversation. Well, let me tell you that I have been up to many things, my friend. Many, many things. *tries to think of some things she’s been up to*

Oh my favourite upcoming product has to be this nail polish I’ve been working on. It changes colour rather magically when you go into the sun. I think kids will really love it, but I think some adults will like it too. I’ll be releasing these as soon as I decide which nailpolish base I want to go with. Right now I have pink, blue and I also have another magical type of colour but I won’t share that one just yet.

If you follow my facebook page you will know that I’ve been working on a bonbon bath bomb for, like, a year and kinda hit a wall when it came to sourcing packaging. I’ve managed to sort that problem out for the time being but am still looking for a more permanent solution to the problem. Hopefully I can find something suitable soon because I think these will be a fun bath bomb. The bath bombs themselves should be out in the not-too-distant future. I just have to finalise a few more things before I release them.

I’ve been working on a foaming bath whip type base for a while now, too. I currently use a formula I purchased but I’m trying to make my own that’s a little more… creamy. So far I’ve managed to formulate something quite nice but it’s a little soft for my liking so I’m going back to the old formulating desk to see if I can’t sort that out. Once I do, it will be the base for all my face cleansers and some shower soufflé style products, which should be rather lovely. I do love piping stuff so I am really looking forward to making those.

I have a list on my whiteboard of all the product ideas that come to mind but it’s rather extensive so I won’t share them all. I’m still working on the panda and shark bath bombs. The panda is causing me a few issues. The mould is a bit finicky but I’m sure I will sort it out eventually. The shark I just have to figure out the embed placement then he will be released.

I also have some ideas that I have to keep to myself for now. One has been in the works for over two years now lol. Yeah, yeah, I’m slow but most of my ideas tend to cost a bit of money to actually bring to life and money is something I am in short supply of over here so you will have to be patient.

Apart from that I have some more shampoo and conditioner bars being listed soon and I’ll be making some glycerine soaps as well.

That’s all I can think of so I shall bid you farewell. If there is something I don’t currently stock that you would like to see me stock, be sure to let me know. 🙂

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