I figured I would check in since I haven’t posted on here in a while. I thought it might be a good place to jot down some more of the things I am working on and ideas I’ve had so this will probably be a boring read for most of you. There are several products I’ve been working on for a rather long period of time that I’ve never really gotten around to finishing for whatever reason. Sometimes I just don’t have the right tools to finish the job or, if I do, the job just takes too long to be financially viable. In those cases, I have to look for other ways to create the product that don’t take so long, and that isn’t always possible unfortunately.

I still haven’t released the panda or feeding frenzy bombs. I’m having a few issues with my panda mold but hopefully I will work them out soon. The balloon bombs I posted on my insta ages ago should be released shortly, I’m just waiting on a red biodegradable glitter shipment to get here then I can make them. I’ve had a caterpillar bomb in the works since last year but, without going into too many details, I’m not sure when he will be released as the way he’s made kinda takes a lot of time. If I can speed up the process, he might become part of a line based on Alice in Wonderland that I’ve been wanting to make for a while now. Yay for the public domain.  I still want to make a bomb using the mermaids tails you see all over the place nowadays. I want mine to be sticking out of the mouth of some horrid sea creature, though. A little macabre, I know, but hey. I need to find a mould that will suit or try and make something myself.

I should be able to release my bonbon bath bomb soon. That’s another that’s been in the work for over a year now. Packaging woes were the culprit this time. I also have an Antici… pation bath bomb coming out soon, that one is just waiting on the red bio glitter as well, and the little yellow cars will be out soon too. I’m thinking of going with lemon agave fragrance for those – it smells amazing. Eenie Meenie Miney Moe needs a little work before I can release it. I have to work on getting a nice brown colour in the baseball bat that won’t turn the bath shitty brown. lol.

I have purchased so many cute molds and cookie cutters that I haven’t even had a chance to use yet. I have lots of cookie cutters here that will suit my kawaii line really nicely, those will be fun to make. I have lots of bread designs in mind to go along with the fairy bread bath bomb. I’ve already posted images of the peanut butter one – though I am having trouble sourcing a decent peanut butter type scent for those – I’m also going to do a jam sandwich or two, probably grape and strawberry. I have ideas for some special ones too, mermaid, unicorn, the usual suspects… or I might mix it up a little instead. When I first started working on the kawaii breads, I had this idea of being able to eventually release a full set. Like a loaf of special bread slices lol.
I’m going to be making kawaii milk, cookies, coffee, icecream, and anything else I can think of. I bought some cute kawaii sticker images ages ago so there is lots of inspiration there that I can draw from 🙂

If you follow my fb page you’ll have seen my gone fizzin’ picture, another line I’ve been working on for at least two years now. I’m gonna try my best to get these released because I think they will be mega-fun for kids, but in saying that I want to make sure they are safe and kids aren’t going to poke their eyes out or anything. I need to look into labeling laws and mandatory standards and make sure all my warning labels and instructions are up to scratch so people use them safely before I release them.

Another thing I will be releasing soon is bubble bath and body wash. I’m in the middle of trying to tweak one formula as I realised it’s too expensive to make in it’s current form. I’m also working on my own bubble bath formula, if that proves to be easier, I might just use that one for body wash as well. I have a jar of perfectly clear sample bubble bath sitting on my bench so it’s looking good so far! I’ve got some curly hair shampoo bars in the works as well, I just need to tweak them slightly and figure out an easier/quicker way to mold them so I can bring the price down. 🙂

I’m trying really hard to come up with some earth-friendly packaging options for my products. Of course some have to be in plastic – liquids etc, but I’m trying to cut down plastic as much as I can. I have a lot of unnecessary plastic packaging here that was purchased quite a while ago, so I am going to try and find alternatives for it all, that way once I’ve run out I can switch over to nicer packaging that won’t contribute so much to plastic waste.
I had a really cool idea for getting rid of the plastic potion master bottles, but I need to see if it’s doable, it might end up being too expensive. Fingers crossed.

In other news, I’ve been on the lookout for some 3d style teacups and mug type soap moulds but am struggling to find some that are suitable for another idea I’ve had. If you know of any, please let me know.

I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, well there’s a few things but they are kinda boring so I won’t bother mentioning them here lol.
OH my brother made me a mould that works perfectly for making my candle bombs. Yay. So you will be seeing many more candle bombs in the near future! Fun times. Anyway, I’m gonna stop typing because I need to make stuff and I haven’t had breakfast. Bai.

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