Bath Bombs

Lately I’ve been feeling incredibly unmotivated, tired and my anxieties have been playing up. Fun times. As a result I just haven’t had the desire to finish off a lot of the designs I’ve been working on which totally sucks. I thought perhaps if I share what I’ve been working on recently it might help motivate me.

I plan on releasing some shampoo bars as soon as I have figured out what fragrances would work best. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Currently I want to make a mild one that contains chamomile, lavender, colloidal oatmeal and maybe a couple of other things and a regular one that has some hair loving botanicals and essential oils in it. I might try and make some suited to specific hair types later. I’m testing three different ones right now in my hair and they are working well, especially considering my hair is very fine and tends to go straw-like if I over cleanse.

I already have a conditioner bar formula that I am pretty happy with for now. I just have to decide on the additives and, again, scent.

You can see a couple of the bars I’ve been testing at the left. I need to pH balance these so that they won’t strip hair of colour. 🙂

Another thing I’ve been working on is some bath bombs. Yes these are literal bath bombs and I will be calling them “bath bomb”. lol. I just have to work on the colours, test the embeds and finish the tops. I might actually look into getting a mould made for these so that I don’t need to use the plastic bath tubs.

I’ve also been working on another design that I don’t want to show a photo of yet. Hopefully I can get them to work well. We’ll see.

If you follow my instagram you will also know I have some shiny red balloons in the works. I have the name and scent worked out, I just have to get around to making them. I need to buy some more red mica first though!

Oh and I still need to make my pandas. I finally decided on a scent for them so I just have to work out the colours. I really dislike colour design when it comes to these things. I wish you could just shove whatever colours you liked in a bath bomb but then you’d end up with swamp water half the time. It blows. I feel like I use the same colours all the time because I like them – blues, pinks, purples. I need to figure out some other combinations that make nice water.

Anyway, this is kind of a boring update so I’ll stop now. Fingers crossed I get my mojo back soon. If you have any suggestions for shampoo bar scents, please let me know in the comments! 🙂

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