Back Orders

I’ve included the option for customers to back-order some of my more popular products. Once stock levels for those products hits zero the back-order system will come into effect, allowing you to place orders for those products even though there is no stock on hand.

What this means is that I will get your order, make your product then ship it to you once it’s ready and labelled.

Wait Time 

The back-order wait time will vary depending on how many people have ordered but you can expect a minimum wait time of one week before any back-orders will be processed and shipped as the products need to be made, properly dried and labelled before this can happen. Busier periods will take longer (holidays such as xmas).

Keep in mind that the majority these products are handmade by me without the use of a press so I am not running off hundreds of them a day. As a result, I’ve limited back-orders so that they don’t get backed up too much.