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Humidity Woes

Humidity is the worst enemy of the bath bomber. Srsly. I have so many new designs I want to make and old designs I need to restock but I can’t because of this damn weather. I have a $400 dehumidifier which is working overtime and I still have too much moisture in the air in my house to risk it. *shakes a fist*

So now I am stuck trying to figure out what to make that won’t be temperamental in this weather. I could do some whipped sugar scrubs, emulsified scrubs, wax melts, body oils of some kind… any ideas?

I might actually be able to make the metallic blitzers in this weather as they are sealed in a pot. Hmmm… I might go test the theory before the bedtime rigmarole begins.

If you have any other ideas, let me know!

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