As required, we list all product ingredients at the point of sale. We believe this is important to ensure you, the customer, are aware of exactly what is in the products you are planning on purchasing. Please take the time to read all information carefully, especially if you are someone who suffers from sensitivities or allergies. My products are produced in an area where they may come into contact with nut oils and other allergens so please keep this in mind when purchasing if you suffer from allergies.

Palm Oil: While I generally try to avoid using palm oil derived ingredients in my products, it’s incredibly difficult to avoid it entirely, especially when the majority of bubble-producing agents are actually derived from it. When I do use products derived from palm oil, I use RSPO or CSPO suppliers.

Colourant: I use dyes in my bath bombs. They are all perfectly suitable for bathing in. If you or anyone you are purchasing for are sensitive to particular colours please make sure you do not purchase anything containing the ones you are sensitive to. Bath bombs aren’t really meant to be played with in the tub. This doesn’t mean you can’t, but I recommend not playing with ones that are really bright or contain bright embeds as contact with them as they bloom in the water may result in temporary skin discolouration. If this does happen, don’t worry, the stain won’t last long.
I will be introducing a natural line in future which will include natural colourants. Until then if you have a specific request don’t hesitate to contact me, I will do my best to accommodate you.

NOTE FOR U.S. CUSTOMERS: While my dyes are cosmetic grade and batch certified, the FDA regulations state that once a batch certified colourant is split into smaller lots, the batch certification is voided. What this means is that any colourants that have been split into smaller amounts, are no longer allowed to be used in products intended for sale.
Please be aware of this when you purchase my dyes and dyes from any other supplier. If a certified batch has been split up for reselling, they are no longer certified – unless the supplier has a license to recertify each of those colours.

Citric Acid: Sounds scary but it’s not. Citric Acid is an ingredient a lot of people probably have in their own pantry at home. It’s a weak acid present in many fruits and vegetables. While it’s perfectly safe, it can cause cuts and grazes to sting so please avoid handling bath bombs while in the tub if you or your kids have any cuts on your hands.

Bubbles & Foam: I use a variety of ingredients to produce and sustain bubbles and foam in my bath bombs and other bubbly products. One of these is Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate or SLSa. Don’t confuse this with SLS. They are totally different. SLS is a surfactant found in many health and beauty products because it’s relatively cheap when compared to the alternatives. It’s a fairly controversial ingredient in bath products nowadays as it’s gotten a bad reputation as an irritant. SLSa on the other hand is a mild surfactant that’s plant derived. It’s a fantastic bubble producer and is less likely to cause irritation than SLS. While I personally don’t have much of an issue with SLS, I’ve opted to steer clear of it because of the stigma attached to its use in bath products.

Bubblecream Icing & Bubblecream Batter: Personally, I don’t like to use sugar and egg powders in my bath products due to the allergy factor and potential for irritation. I decided to formulate my own topping for my bubble cakes that would be able to be removed from the “cake” and used in a similar fashion to my bubble biscuits and bars. Essentially a solid bubble bath. My signature Bubblecream Icing contains a blend of mild surfactants and a few other ingredients like Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Bitartrate (cream of tartar) and fragrance oil. It has been formulated to produce lots and lots of bubbles!