I haven’t had any issues with staining. I’ve tested my bath blitzers and have left the resulting coloured water in my tub for several hours before emptying to see if the bath would end up stained or marked if the water is allowed to sit for extended periods of time. My bath tub was fine each time.
My son likes to place his bath blitzers on the side of the tub and play with them. Sometimes they will be sitting on the edge for 24hrs before I rinse them off and I still haven’t had any issues – though I wouldn’t recommend doing this.
That being said, I can’t account for every single bath tub out there. Bath tubs that are badly scratched or old may be more inclined to soak up the dyes in my bath bombs and therefore may end up marked or stained. You know your bath tub best, if you are concerned about your tub – whether it be old or brand-spanking new, stick with my less vibrant bath blitzers as I can’t be held responsible for any marks or stains that do happen to occur.



Generally speaking, no. If you place your bath blitzer in the tub as directed, you shouldn’t experience any skin colouration. If you purchase a cookie cutter bath blitzer¬†with very concentrated colour embeds and you hold it while it fizzes away, the dye in the embeds may colour your skin. My son likes to play with his bath blitzers in the bath and has, on the odd occasion, ended up colouring his hands or belly. The effect, however, is only temporary. We don’t recommend you sit in the tub with your bright bath blitzers while they react unless you are happy to deal with the potential skin discolouration should it occur.